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The A Forest

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Edinburgh gig Aug. 12th, 2005 @ 01:58 pm

As part of Baby Tiger's Tigerfest, and in association with Pet Piranha records, you can witness the following bill at the Caledonian Backpackers:

The A Forest
The Last Great Wilderness
Crazy Vincent

I think doors are at half 8 and it's 5 quid in.

You can find stuff about us here - www.theaforest.co.uk - and listen to us/be our "friend" here - www.myspace.com/theaforest

Spyamp are great and have made one of my favourite records of the year so far with their album "GTi". You can hear tunes here - www.myspace.com/spyampgti

Hope anyone who's in the area can make it along!


The A Forest gigs next week - Edinburgh/Glasgow/Aberdeen Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 05:18 pm
12 JULY 2005
EDINBURGH Subway (Cowgate)
With: The Jiles + Calvin + Deadenstereo
Entry: £3 | Time: 7:30PM

13 JULY 2005
With: The Sky At Night + G-Plan
Entry: £3 | Time: 8:30PM

14 JULY 2005
ABERDEEN The Tunnels
With: The Vandelays + Preemo
Entry: £3 | Time: 8:00PM

If any of you can make it along that'd make me very happy!

Friday night in Aberdeen Jun. 1st, 2005 @ 05:08 pm
Hookers Green #1
Electric Tibet
The A Forest

ABERDEEN The Tunnels
Friday 03 June
Doors: 8PM
Entry: £4

Hi, The A Forest are excited to be making our first trek up to Aberdeen on Friday night to play with the fantabulous Hookers Green #1 (http://www.hookersgreen.com) and the rockin' Electric Tibet. If you can make it along, or know anyone who might be into it, please come/send them along!


More recording May. 16th, 2005 @ 03:10 pm
Ewan, George and i spent the best part of a sunny Sunday afternoon adding bass grooves and guitar licks to the aforementioned drum tracks. Ever the pro, G got most of his parts down in one take (or thereabouts). I avaoided any contact with recording apparatus for as long as i could and let Ewan work his run-through-and-take magic. We're still putting down the bare bones of the songs (the magic fairy dust comes later) but that hasn't prevented my multi-tracking of distorted/delayed guitars and general jiggery-pokery. Now there's only a few bits of guitar to be done and redone, then Cat & Eilidh will come along and make something musical out of our nonsense before we start adding even more stuff, like harmonica and groovebox and xylophone and the funny drum thing ewan got for his birthday and maybe some better attempts at my guitars and possibly a kitchen sink. Everything seems to be coming together anyway.

Not very interesting, is it?


Recording May. 2nd, 2005 @ 12:39 pm
Yesterday we went back along to Stage 2000 with Robin to record some more drum tracks. So far we have one song finished, and have done drums, bass and some guitars and synth for another 5 songs. This second batch of drums was intended to sort out all the songs we're working with.

After taking a wee while to set up, we got to work. Chris, Ewan and i laid down drums and guide guitars for 4 songs, three of which are brand-spanking-new! There's an untitled strummy one, the "French One", "Lower Pleasance" and one you may have heard us play live called "I Take It Dancing". You can dance to that one. We also took the time to re-record the drums for a song called "For The Consequence" as we felt the original recording (using brushes) lacked 'punch', so Chris re-recorded it using sticks, and it sounds much better. How exciting we are!

So, now we have 10 songs in various states of finishedness. There's a few more we'd like to do, but they're either not really ready or we're not sure if we can capture them properly - which is the case with our long-standing 'epic' set-closer "There Is No Love Between Pigeons". We also don't have much tim, either! Maybe we'll do some more electronic stuff too.

Anyway, i'm not sure how interesting that was to anybody, but seeing as we're not playing gigs at the moment it's nice to show we're doing something! We're happy with what we've recorded so far, but there's quite a bit to do before we have a finished album that we're pleased with.

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» Welcome
Hello there.

I've decided to set up a journal to allow all of the band to make comments on what we do and just generally talk about things. We'll also try and include content that wouldn't go on the news page like updates on the recording of the album.

Anyway, this is really just a test entry to get things started.


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